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I have been offering the Meet Me At The Well virtual journey for years and every time I offer it people are blessed!  If you are ready to walk in your destiny, read below and get started today!

Pastor V

Lemond Johnson

I'm so grateful to experience such an amazing journey. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and the knowledge I have gained. As a result of the MMATW, I feel more comfortable and ready for the next chapter in my life.” MMATW has been a challenging asset and very instrumental to growing my personal as well as my professional career. It gave me real life experience and skill sets to transition into my personal life as well as my business. Helping me to have more confidence and become more motivated for the plans God has for my life. 

Founder, GAMA Athletics 


Rosetta Thompson

The first time I took the journey Meet Me At The Well (MMATW), it didn't matter that I knew the person who was the facilitator of the journey because I was going to the well to meet Jesus.  At the well, I found out more of what God wanted me to do in my life personally.  So I went the second time and the third and the fourth time.  All those times, continually reaffirming what I found to be my purpose there as an inspirer and encourager. Now, I still come to the well probably after a couple dozen times as an encourager and inspirer in the Faith in my purpose!

Author Rosetta Thompson

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Register Below

Get ready for the experience of your life!  If you are truly ready for what God has for you, if you're ready for your destiny, you're headed in the right direction!  However, if you're not serious, please do not start until you are!  Yes, you read correctly!  If you're not serious about being the best you can be and walking in your destiny, PLEASE DO NOT Start!  Don't start if you're not committed to finishing!  Starting is great but finishing is better! 

This is a virtual journey that has changed the lives of so many and I know it will most definitely change yours!

​Some people like to have a physical copy of the daily assignment so they can write in the book and go back and look at their thoughts when you take the journey again.  Below you can purchase the Meet Me At the Well workbook to make your experience even better.  Follow the link below to purchase!  

This is how it works!  For seven days you will watch a short video and do a short assignment.  The video and the assignment should only take you minutes to watch and read.  You watch the video and do the assignment when it's convenient for you during the day, as long as you complete it before the day is over.  I suggest doing it first thing in the morning, to start your day.  I also encourage you to invite your friends or church group to join you on this journey!  Don't grow alone!

After you sign up, commit to a time and a place where you will meet Jesus for the next seven days.  Get excited about meeting with him and hearing his voice!  He will be waiting on you!  This is only the beginning!

Additional Testimonies

MMATW has been an essential part of my life, both naturally and spiritually. It has taught me how valuable I am.  It helped me to begin to shed pain from past hurts that I hadn't gotten over. I encourage everyone to take this journey to help you heal from the past and embrace the future and what God has for you .

Robbin Williams 

I have taken the journey  several times over the years and each time I had a different perspective because I had grown each time I came back. Taking the journey has helped me as a leader and a person. For this, I am truly thankful.  I can't wait to see what's in store this time around. Come join us, you'll be glad you did.

Pastor Brenda Wilson

My experience with Pastor V and MMATW was what I needed to stir up the gifts that I knew were in me but allowed life to put to sleep! I thank God for using Pastor V to challenge me!  I encourage whoever has not signed up, to take a chance, you will be blessed. 

Shandolyn Brown

This will be my 7th MMATW JOURNEY. I didn't think I would go this far, but every time I said I was going to skip one, I could not do it. I thank God I continued to take the journey to the Well. I've found out and understood so much more about me and what God has called me to do, and what He has for me. I've learned to Release Hidden Things.  There were things and people I thought I had truly forgiven, but beneath the pain and hurt the devil lied to me and had me bound to those hidden things. But God, our Good God had me to let go of those hidden things that was not Treasure, but Trash. Now, I am operating in so many of my Giftings because of the MMATW JOURNEYS. I can truly say because of these journeys at the Well, I'm FREE from that Trash.  I give God all the glory, and I thank God for Pastor Valissa Moore for helping me to find who I am more in Christ than I could ever imagine. I'm bolder,  I don't operate in the fear that had me bound and holding me down. I would tell anyone, the MMATW JOURNEY will help you find yourself and who you really are in God and help you find your True Potential in Jesus. Thank you Pastor Valissa Moore for your obedience to hear and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I love you and thank God for your love of God's people to see them Healed, Happy, and Whole and most importantly, FREE!! 

Bessie Gilliam

What can I say about the MMATW 7 Day Journey?  I have done this journey 2x's and you would think if I did it once it should be the same the 2nd time but NO!  Each time it has challenged me in my walk with the Lord but it also has encouraged me!  I would HIGHLY recommend to take this 7 day journey and meet Jesus at the well!  I am looking forward to this upcoming walk to the well!

Tracy Sinclair

Mary Wilson

What a great growing year; building, advancing and achieving goals.

All because of the Inspiring Leadership of Pastor V, guiding us step by step.

Thank You!  

Minister, Entrepreneur

Mary Wilson


Tracy Sinclair

What can I say about the MMATW 7 Day Journey?  I have done this journey 2x's and you would think if I did it once it should be the same the 2nd time but NO!  Each time it has challenged me in my walk with the Lord but it also has encouraged me!  I would HIGHLY recommend to take this 7 day journey and meet Jesus at the well!  

Entrepreneur Tracy Sinclair

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