Get ready for the experience of your life!  If you are truly ready for what God has for you, if you're ready for your destiny, you're headed in the right direction! 

However, if you're not serious, please do not sign up!  Yes, you read correctly!  If you're not serious about being the best you can be and walking in your destiny, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN up!  Don't start if you're not committed to finishing!  Starting is great but finishing is better! 

This is a virtual journey that has changed the lives of so many and I know it will most definitely change yours!

So that you will get the best experience out of this journey I have designed a workbook to go along with it, this will make your experience even better.  Follow the link below to purchase!  




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This is how it works!

For seven days you will receive an eblast from me every morning, which will include a video and a short assignment.


The video and the assignment should only take you minutes to view and read.  You can open the email when it's convenient for you during the day, but strive to complete it before the day is over.


I suggest doing it first thing in the morning, to start your day.  I also encourage you to invite your friends or church group to sign up with you!  Don't grow alone!

After you sign up, look for and open your confirmation email!  Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your regular email, especially if you have a "gmail" account.


Welcome to the "Ready For Your Destiny" Meet Me At The Well virtual journey!  This is only the beginning!


Date:  January 4th-10th, 2021

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