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A 5 Day virtual journey to help you unleash your inner self by letting go of the weight.


Let Go Of The Weight Virtual Journey! 

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These are two of the doctors that provide the best detailed information on intermittent fasting, in my opinion.  Click their names to visit their Youtube channels.  

Let Go of the Weight

In my kitchen one morning…I believe the Holy Spirit revealed something to me that was so profound.  Once I share it with you, let me know if I’m on to something here. 

I was trying to be quiet, so I could hear how God wanted me to offer a new virtual program that entered the halls of my mind a few nights prior.

It was a virtual program similar to my Meet Me At The Well virtual program, but this one was to help people lose weight or should I say release unwanted weight.  A friend of mine told me to never say, “I want to lose weight" because that may give the impression that I’m trying to find it, once it’s lost.  Hollering!!!


Well, standing there quiet in my kitchen (of all places) I believe I heard the Lord say, “Weight is not holding on to people, people are holding on to weight!  I want to use you to help people figure out why THEY are holding on to weight.

Say what?!!!!  As that thought ran around in my mind, it made so much sense! 

Well of course, it made sense, God said it!!

However, to begin this assignment, I had to start with myself! 

Because of the way I’m physically built, and the fact that “I’m solid” as the old folk use to say, when I was weighing over 200 pounds, I didn’t look obese but based on my bathroom scales and that dreaded scale at the doctor’s office, (that stands waiting for you every time you have a physical)…AND I might add, the charts that doctors provide…I was either overweight or obese, based on my height.

The question to me in my kitchen that morning was, "Why are you overweight?"  You’re probably saying, "Valissa, that’s a silly question.  It’s because you eat too much!  You eat more calories than you burn off." 

That's what I said too!!!!!!!  However, God said, "No that’s not why.  The reason is because you haven’t decided to let go of the weight.  This five day virtual journey will help you discover why you haven’t let it go, so you can begin to unleash the true you and live!" 

That's what I had to do!  When I decided to let it go, that's when it went! I made up my mind to become the healthiest me I could be.  I began to replace toxic things in my home with nontoxic things. I started eating cleaner, I started taking natural things to help me live longer, healthier and more prosperously in every area of my life. I feel better now at almost 60, than I did when I was in my 20's and 30's! 

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