Hello my name is Valissa Moore aka Pastor V and I show people how to live longer, healthier more prosperous lives by first renewing the mind!

Romans 12:2

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You are where you are because you haven't made up your mind to be anywhere else!


Are you REALLY ready for success? 

What does it take to be successful? 


I encourage you to sign up for this FREE virtual journey to help you begin to answer that question! 

It will help you see who you are first and foremost and also show you how to spend time with your creator and hear his voice for direction! 

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Lemond Johnson

I'm so grateful to experience such an amazing journey. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and the knowledge I have gained. As a result of the MMATW, I feel more comfortable and ready for the next chapter in my life.” MMATW has been a challenging asset and very instrumental to growing my personal as well as my professional career. It gave me real life experience and skill sets to transition into my personal life as well as my business. Helping me to have more confidence and become more motivated for the plans God has for my life. 

Founder, GAMA Athletics 


Rosetta Thompson

The first time I took the journey Meet Me At The Well (MMATW), it didn't matter that I knew the person who was the facilitator of the journey because I was going to the well to meet Jesus.  At the well, I found out more of what God wanted me to do in my life personally.  So I went the second time and the third and the fourth time.  All those times, continually reaffirming what I found to be my purpose there as an inspirer and encourager. Now, I still come to the well probably after a couple dozen times as an encourager and inspirer in the Faith in my purpose!

Author Rosetta Thompson

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Best Seller

Be Healed

My Healing Journey

Practical things I did to help myself


Give yourself permission to dream again and let yourself believe those dreams can come true!

Mary Wilson

What a great growing year; building, advancing and achieving goals.

All because of the Inspiring Leadership of Pastor V, guiding us step by step.

Thank You!  

Minister, Entrepreneur

Mary Wilson


Tracy Sinclair

What can I say about the MMATW 7 Day Journey?  I have done this journey 2x's and you would think if I did it once it should be the same the 2nd time but NO!  Each time it has challenged me in my walk with the Lord but it also has encouraged me!  I would HIGHLY recommend to take this 7 day journey and meet Jesus at the well!  

Entrepreneur Tracy Sinclair

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