Adopting the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle has changed my life in a lot of ways.  For one, I feel so much better!  On my journey I've created a lot of delicious recipes and I want to share them with you in my new Vegan Cookbook.  Available for purchase real soon! 

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In 2010 I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases that changed my life.  I allow you to share my journey of healing to help you obtain your healing as well.  Not matter what kind of healing you need, spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, relational, etc. this book will surely bless your life!  

As little girls, most of us grow up fantasizing about our wedding day and living happily ever after with the man of our dreams.  When it doesn't happen as quickly as we like, we sometimes settle and find ourselves in situations God did not intend for us to be in.  Instead of waiting to be found by the man God has looking for us we settle for boys...but Boys Don't Find Wives!  

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Who Are You? is a powerful life changing book that will help you begin to understand who you really are.  Most people live in mediocrity because they don't understand the authority and power they have been given.  Look for this powerful life changing book in 2020!

The content in this book has changed so many lives.  It is the journal used for the Meet Me At The Well online virtual journey.  Visit the MMATW page to find out more and register for the next online journey.  The journey is FREE!  

Have you ever found yourself asking God, "Why?" Why did this have to happen to me?  
Have you found yourself saying, "God I just don't understand?"  
Sometimes things are allowed to come into our lives that we don't or won't ever understand but we have to trust God's decision.  God never makes mistakes and he knows why things have to happen the way they do. 
My newest best seller Proverbial Moment is a 52 week devotional with each devotional building on one particular subject for an entire week. 
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The one you will receive in your email shortly is entitled "Lord, I Just Don't Understand!" 
Much love! 
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Low Calorie, Low Fat Cookbook is the first cookbook I published before becoming vegan.  These mouth watering recipes are so delicious but low fat and can help you lose weight and keep it off.   

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